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Blue Gravity is an adventure company specializing in advanced paragliding training, tours and tandem paragliding instructional flights on our fly-aways . We are based in Gauteng and operate at different times of the year in wonderful and beautiful places throughout South Africa. While paragliding is one of our primary specialties, we are also highly skilled in adventure motorcycle trips, tours and training and actively incorporate them on the events and trips.

Our site has information for paragliding pilots and Adventure/Enduro motorcycling  enthusiasts. We operate our events on weekends and South African School holidays. We provide quality tours and advanced training so you get value for what you pay for.

We can also build self ride or fly trips for clients.Contact us for information.



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Flyaways and Adventures

Our calendar is updated  – come join the fun


 Photo of Rikus on his Sol Kuat, high in the Sky

Blue Gravity Tandem with a passenger living the dream

We have fun and we do it safely. We are are also part of Hillsnacks paragliding club. We have been involved in many firsts in adventure whether it is getting your feet 1000’s of meters off the ground or seeking the source of the Senqu river on mountain bikes or maybe a little solo adventure bike trip across the Sahara – come play with us. We have many skills in many areas and it would not be out of place to find us Mountain biking, Scuba diving,  kayaking or snowboarding as additions to any trip or tour.


Kev cruising down paradise on his infamous Sol Torck – Sol Gliders some of the best in the world and extremely suitable for South African conditions

Blue Gravity – what we’re up to…. 


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My beautiful picture

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