Freak Sheep

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Some thought Freaksheep were no longer, been put out to pasture, fed to the wolves of time and lazy afternoons.


Baaaaaaaaaad thoughts!

We’re back!!

Freaksheep epic adventures are once again about to launch into a new era for adventures.


Toys have been gathered, a new breed has arisen and you will find them alive and well plotting some new adventure involving P.A.I.N.


Since Blue Gravity specializes in Paragliding and Adventure motorcycling we have decided that Freaksheep will handle the one off or yearly unique adventures involving mountainbiking, snowboarding, kayaking or any other hair brained adventure we can think of.


We would like any old freaksheep members to drop us some write ups of where they are now and what they dream about and maybe fetch some of that kit out, dust it and make ready for some fun and ……


The Sheep are watching you!