Safety Information page

Safety Information, ERP and Training

This page is accessible to students or clients of Blue Gravity to share safety notices regarding the ATO, Training issues, Equipment notifications.

All students can refer to this site as notifications that arise from the Blue Gravity SMS (Safety Management System) or other notifications. Any new notifications that are posted will be advised via BG’s Whats App communication platform.

Blue Gravity is once again part of the SAHPA ATO  RAA 005/004

We no longer utilize school flying equipment for ab-intio training but prefer the user provides equipment.

Our Affiliation to Sahpa is confirmed via this letter below

Acceptance letter for schools – Blue Gravity (2)

Nov 2020

The School pilots to be aware of the summer conditions with afternoon Thunder Showers and Storms and the wind conditions that may affect pilots.

Make sure you check your weather properly before flying.

Emergency Response Plan