Adventure Biking and Mentoring

SANI adventure trip to KZN 

Lanseria to Gina’s Self catering & camping, Off Road Adventures in Geluksberg, then down the old road via Nottingham Road to Durbs by the sea, back up to Bulwer stopping at Picklepot for breakfast and then Nip Inn for dinner after a days paragliding finishing off in Underberg. Next day up earlyish and off we went to Sani with my trusty  Africa Twin and my riding buddy on his GS 1200.

Adventure Biking

Adventure Biking has many minor differences these days and one must have a different bike dependent on what the intent and terrain that will face the rider. Big road and gravel bikes for mileage eating require a completely different set of skills and equipage compared with technical adventure riding.

We get the credit card and chalet rides that while they may be challenging have shorter distances and generally apart from the odd puncture are very do-able at most skill levels.  The un-aided camping type adventure ride has many options as well as limitations and starts requiring better planning and preparation and then comes the technical adventure riders that cover extreme terrain in difficult conditions and serious skill and preparation is required.

We  like all forms of biking and we love developing people that arrive with limited skills and eventually end up on some form of adventure bikes going to places they never dreamed of with out being worried if they can handle it.

One visits places rarely seen and in places that excite. There are repairs and people to meet and sites to see. Some do it solo and some as group and all have there pros and cons. If I was to go on another Trans Africa trip or continental trip with time on my hands I would be using a small CC bike – slower and lighter is the best – its the adventure not the speed one covers terrain although a steady pace is a skill.

For shorter big distance the bigger adventure bikes are the weapon of choice.