Motorcycle Training


If you always wanted to ride a motorcycle and have taken that step to start living your life and experiencing the freedom that motorcycling gives then you are in the correct place with the right company. We have instructors and mentors that can safely with targeted building blocks develop the required skills you need. Whether you wish to ride a road machine or a big tasseled hog or take an adventure trip 9000km to the top of Africa, we can train you to be able to tackle all these dreams and make them your reality.

We can also help you with bike choice and what you should be looking for at differing levels of riding and for different requirements. Visit

We train with internally developed riding systems based on IAM and with some of the elements of the MSI systems for the Road riding. Our adventure riding training is specifically developed for riding in Africa however can be used anywhere internationally.

We are also authorised to deliver the well prepared MSI urban riders course specifically designed to prepare your skills to ride on the road in the Urban environment. This course we find is very applicable to all riders as most either start or traverse through urban environments

The skill sets iare designed to introduce you to the skills that will keep you alive. – Our moto is Ride to Stay Alive and we deliver this via our training, ride-aways , breakfast runs and mentoring systems

At Bike School Southern Africa and at Blue Gravity our dedication to personal training within the group environment or individually is what we are about and what we cater for. We have three levels of training that we concentrate on and believe that no mater what the environment delivers you, road or terrain wise including weather, a rider should have the skills to adapt and manage the risks to ride safely ride..

Our bike brigade is our ride away and mentoring element of Bike School Southern Africa &V Blue Gravity where riders ride and have fun.

Level and skill wise we have developed our grading system .

We have our Entry to riding Motorcycles for those that have never ridden a bike before, where we give you relevant theory and knowledge built within simple manageable systems for you to learn, employ and allow to become your second nature. these are done with small skill levels that give you the very basics so you are to begin your riding journey.

Our next level is simply Rider. We go through bike set up, tyres, positioning on the bike, positioning on the road, methods to pull off and brake safely and effectively, use of gears, vision and attitude. These modules are best done over a few days on our courses. You are competent to ride both on road and easy dirt roads These building blocks start you on the “road ” to become consciously competent. We can do this for both asphalt (tar) and for simple dirt that one would experience in day to day riding ( commuting) or the weekend adventures.

Our next stage is dependent on the rider and how much they “input ” into their self growth. We encourage the rider to grow by going on entry level out rides, breakfast runs, weekend runs and the like. We like to encourage discussions around a fire or and event with our senior riders.

The Master rider is the next level where we go into the regular skills that a rider requires to handle in most terrains and conditions.

Rapid braking, uturns, rapid change of direction, standing up, higher speed cornering, small obstacles, gravel , trip planning, group riding.

At this stage you start becoming unconsciously competent, your skills start flowing and the bike starts to become an extension of yourself. Coming from tar to gravel or a rutted piece of road does not fill one with terror and the resultant death grip on the bars. You look up, and employ your skills with confidence.

This level is catered for in modules that can be achieved over a weekend or over a few separated days dependent on the rider. We all lead busy lives so we need to often incorporate it with adventures and rides. You are calm, confident to tackle most obstacles or terrain, you have knowledge and skills to use at any moment for almost all conditions and as an addition able if you wish to mentor others.

Our TAP and GO system is ingrained, subconsciously you have the forward vision and position to maximize the envelope of safety, your style be it unique to you is flowing and controlled.

At Bike School Southern Africa and Blue Gravity we do not wish to make you the Marc Marquez, Graham Jarvis or the “Doctor” ( while that would be nice). We do produce competent and safe riders that show the passion, the flair and the uncompromising subtle skill set that makes you a proficient and well rounded and ultimately safe as is humanly possible.

For all training visit our Bike School Southern Africa website