About Us

Blue Gravity (Land & Air)

Blue Gravity as a company is committed Land and Air pursuits, namely Motorcycling and Paragliding and Powered paragliding. We are approved training providers delivering various tours and adventures to our clients while enjoying the wonders of SOUTH AFRICA our country.

Our training footprint working with Epic Aviation in Gauteng and Wallendair in the Wilderness area is large and we travel to provide training customised to our clients needs.

One of our principles are “that you get what you pay for and thus quality and our training standards are not negotiable .

Our motorcycling training develops riders from absolute beginners wishing to learn how to ride motorcycles in our regular beginners courses, to our major focus upskilling existing riders, be they road or adventure riders in our RIDE TO STAY ALIVE training programs.

Based in Centurion we currently provide Urban Rider Course specifically developed using the systems from MSI and incorporate our adventure riding courses to give a good foundation for all riders. Kev Storie is a certified instructor with MSI and will guide you through the skills trained and practiced on our courses based on his vast experience having travelled Solo from UK via Europe, the Middle East down through Africa and competing many adventure trips on motorcycles in NZ, USA. If it has two wheels we love them and ride them.

Our Bike Brigade Ride-Aways are focused on fun and skill development with riding mentoring. we believe that on any ride or breakfast run or adventure a little focus on honing ones riding skills is a very good thing.

Flying wise, Blue Gravity  remains a long standing SACAA approved Aviation Training Organization with an impressive history and safety record, specializing in paragliding training. Kev Storie is a longstanding A grade instructor, a past GM of the Aeroclub of SA, current COO of CAASA and the recipient of many safety and industry awards in aviation. He started the first independent paragliding ATO in South Africa .Currently focus on advanced training paragliding ( tandem and instructor) Blue Gravity is recognized as one of the best in the Industry. We do not restrict our operations to any geographical area as we believe in a complete experience and wish to include site=seeing during the training. We believe in living life and ensuring our students and clients enjoy as much of Southern Africa as possible.

Blue Gravity Crew ideals.

The Blue Gravity crew is and has always been a dedicated bunch of people that love to show folks a great time! Many members have been involved in some world first expeditions such as Freaksheeps Mweni Raids . We strive to under promise and over deliver and above to exceed your expectations. We are very proud of our team here at Blue Gravity

 It starts with a dream – If you dream it, we can make it happen.

 Meet the Crew of Blue Gravity

 We believe you have dreams and the power to make them true – your life is no dress rehearsal – just live it!

All of South African nationality but extensively travelled we are involved in many aspects of adventure.

Kev is the owner and Chief instructor for Blue Gravity. 

He is a certified instructor, has trained both overseas and has developed Blue Gravity’s systems and training courses. Riding daily he is an avid adventure rider, and enduro rider with many years of experience. 

He has many other skills which he passes on from serving in the military, and as a fireman/paramedic in the early nineties. A keen snowboarder and kayaker, he has participated or led many overland and extreme adventures.

He loves seeing others learn and enjoy the many freedoms riding or flying brings.

A family man, for him its more about the trip than the final destination.

He holds licenses and ratings for Sailplanes, TMGs and WCM Microlights with Aviation in firmly in his blood.

Maryna is our paragliding guru with huge experience from competing as South Africa’s ladies paragliding champion for many years . She has a huge amount of PG experience and has written a book called “Mind your Flight”108

She is an accomplished adventure motorcyclist and is proving only to well that the girls have got what it takes be it on her BMW or her KTM Freeride.

Diving is another of her specialties, especially her experience and knowledge of inland diving, caving and deep diving.


carl and mich

Carl is one of the founder members of Freaksheep and hence has a pedigree for adventure. He has participated in some amazing travels and is a skilled kayaker, freediver and mountain biker. Duzi 2005 2

His skills are often utilised on some of the tours and his love for adventure biking is coming into its own.


IMGP1212Whirly is a confused Jack Russell. She is just getting into the whole adventure scene and seems to take everything in  stride. While not the leader of the pack she is quite content to rack up hundreds of miles following her pack mate Dusty.


Dusty is a Rottweiler disguised as a Jack Russel cross whom is deeply in the plan to dig to china and beyond. Her latest trick is to sit with in striking distance of her food bowl and pretend to be asleep, awaiting a luckless pigeon that thinks she is not looking and will get some free food. In a snap of her jaw the pigeon is dispatch to “bluer skies” and the Dusty has a lovely fresh meal of pigeon. Sneaky little sod. Cunning, very cunning!